Ronco FD1005WHGEN 5 tray


5-tray capacity

Expandable to 7 trays

Bottom mounted heater

Ronco 5 tray

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Internal operating temperature of up to 133 °F

FDA-approved trays for food contact that won’t deteriorate like others

Built to last with powerful electrical heating coils and convection air flow

Uses 110 volts, 125 watts electricity

1 year limited warranty


The plastic trays are bad and there are complaints that they get burned specially the one at the bottom. You will need to rotate the trays.

It has passive heat operation and takes longer to dry food compared to other appliances out there. There is no fan which increases the time here though due to this the noise is less.

The heating element may breaks off the plastic clips.

It does not have a built in on/off switch and hence to put it off you will need to rip the plug.

Food drips into the heating element situated at the bottom.

It works well with meat and you can use it for them. But with many options in the market, you can look at them as well.

Brand: Ronco
Manufacturer: Ronco
Model: FD1005WHGEN
2.8 based on 165 reviews
$45.28 New

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